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Frederic Tuten by Bruce Wolmer
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Of Frederic Tuten’s novel, Tallien: A Brief Romance, Susan Sontag wrote “Tallien is a wonderfully high-flying tale of two woes, made out of juicy just-right sentences […] unforgettable.” Tuten speaks with writer and editor Bruce Wolmer.

Gregor Von Rezzori  by Bruce Wolmer
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German novelist Gregor Von Rezzori on his masterpiece, The Death of My Brother Abel, the decline of postwar Europe, and the insurmountable influence of Nabokov.

Janet Hobhouse by Bruce Wolmer
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Janet Hobhouse discusses her various books with Bruce Wolmer — NovemberDancing in the Dark and Everybody Who Was Anybody: A Biography of Gertrude Stein—and the differences between “American” and “English” writing.

Charles Henri Ford by Bruce Wolmer
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Famed writer, editor, filmmaker, and publisher Charles Henri Ford speaks of his early years in Paris, his theory of collage, and how he came to obtain a nude photograph of Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith.

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