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Gregory Crewdson by Bradford Morrow
Gregory Crewdson 01 Bomb 061

Gregory Crewdson’s photographs of expansive dioramas recall Duchamp, Emerson, and the American suburbs. The documentary Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters is in limited release now.

Bradford Morrow’s Giovanni’s Gift by Jim Lewis
Morrow 01

Giovanni’s Gift is Bradford Morrow’s fourth novel, his second in two years, and it brings his corpus around an interesting bend.

The Almanac Branch by Bradford Morrow

They spoke in light, when they felt like speaking. They spoke only to her, they said.

Patrick McGrath by Bradford Morrow
Macgrath 01 Body

“When I started writing I ran through the genres. I never wrote autobiographically. First of all I wrote detective stories. After that I wrote a science fiction novel. Then, finally, a Gothic novel, and felt at once at home.”

A Bestiary  by Bradford Morrow
25 Hurson Body

Sitting on a lilypad, bulbous eyes betraying nothing, the frog tosses his long and viscous tongue from his throat at a plump green fly that has meandered, helpless as a schoolgirl, into his neighborhood. 

Five Portraits of Hannah Burden by Bradford Morrow
David Wilson

The train ground to a halt, wheels screeching on the blue tracks, mad squeal of metal moving against metal, track stubborn, wheels locked. The slide terminated after a buck, in a stall, a hiss, an utter calm.

Whom No Hate Stirs None Dances by Bradford Morrow
Peter Nadin 1

Still dressed in the suit he wore to the funeral and not five minutes in mama’s house Cutts sought, found, and pulled down on the cord that hung from the trap door to the attic. Georgia stood behind him, black pumps off.

Above the Chautauquas by Bradford Morrow

Her nostrils flared into fleshly roan rings pulled open by tautening about both sides of the longish jaw and muscular apple-round cheek, a movement which brought into view the crisp, expressive teeth hung in her head. 

Post Partum by Bradford Morrow

The walls of Ms. Madeleine’s contemporary Lascaux would afford the casual anthropologist no prehistoric lineament of bison, mammoth or spearsman; rather, brash shadings of self-help, fashion, cuisine.

In the High Ceiling of Stars by Bradford Morrow

The white moon acted as cynosure. Angstrom lay awake in his bed, situated directly beneath its transparency.

Edouard Roditi by Bradford Morrow
Roditi 01 Body

Edouard Roditi was born in Paris 1910 of American parents. In 1929 he abandoned his studies of the Latin and Greek classics at Oxford and, until 1937, was associated with the Surrealist movement in Paris, as contributor to transition and as partner in Editions du Sagittaire, which published Andre Breton’s Surrealist manifestos and a number of books by Crevel, Desnos and Tzara.

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