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Benjamin Weissman’s Headless by Philip Glahn
Weissman 1 Body

Philip Glahn discusses the fables and work of Benjamin Weissman, comparing the writer to Bertolt Brecht and praising his poetic form.

Paul McCarthy by Benjamin Weissman
Mccarthy04 Body

I always wanted an older brother, so when Paul McCarthy and I became close friends 10 years ago I got the perfect bearded creature of my dreams, someone who was deeply curious about the world, art, movies, storytelling and sports, a closet jock who really knew how to rock climb, throw a forkball (a split-finger fastball) and ski.

Dennis Cooper’s My Loose Thread by Benjamin Weissman
Dennis Cooper 01

Dennis Cooper’s dialogue-based My Loose Thread evokes the tragedy of Columbine and stuns reviewer Benjamin Weissman.

Of Two Minds by Benjamin Weissman

When the doorbell rings the boy sits in his room and grows short of breath. 

Greg Stump’s Fistful of Moguls by Benjamin Weissman
Greg Stump 01

Greg Stump, the originator of the personal ski movie, is the only filmmaker smart, gentle, and sweet enough to bring his camera into snowbound lodges, kitchens, and hospital rooms in search of an intimate word or two, something to break the monotony of what we expect from bad-ass ski movies: footage of 20-year-olds risking their lives on big, snowy mountains. 

Dennis Cooper by Benjamin Weissman
Cooper 01 Body

This interview is featured, along with thirty-four others, in our anthology BOMB: The Author Interviews.

Bernard Cooper by Benjamin Weissman
Cooper Bernard 01

With his distinctive sense of humor, Bernard Cooper reflects on moments of self-awareness from his growing up Jewish and gay to making the transition from an artist to writer.

Four Stories by Benjamin Weissman

This page is written from the never before attempted first-person-twin (feminine) point of view.

On My Birthday by Benjamin Weissman

The first thing I think when I wake up in the morning is how much I love school.

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