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The View from My Cube Looks Out on Endless Static by Ben Mirov
Crazed Waves  4  Flare  Body

They have begun collecting the most serious writers of

their time.

The View from My Cube Looks Out on Endless Static by Ben Mirov
Crazed Waves  4  Flare  Body

They have begun collecting the most serious writers of

their time.

Night Science: Ben Mirov by Eric Amling
Screen Shot 2012 11 26 At 12

Ben Mirov on Ben Mirov.

Six Questions with Ben Mirov by

In anticipation of the 2012 Poets Forum, our friends at the Academy of American Poets will conduct a series of six-question interviews featuring six different poets leading up to their event this month, October 18–20. BOMB is excited to be able to share the first interview in this series, a conversation with Ben Mirov.

2012 Poetry Contest: Six Poems by Daniel Poppick, Ally Harris, Dunstan Christopher, Ben Mirov, Iris Marble Cushing & Laura Goode

In this edition, read six exceptional poems by the winner and several finalists of BOMB’s 2012 Poetry Contest.

Lunar Eclipse: Cedar Sigo’s Stranger in Town by Ben Mirov
Cedar Sigo's Stranger in Town

“I begin to see burned in every verse / an alcove, a rest, a bloody lumbering foot / I have cracked the words filled with wine.” Ben Mirov reviews Cedar Sigo’s Stranger in Town, an accumulation of poems many of which seem held together by magic.

Reading at The Half King
Halfking Body

On a frigid Monday night in January, BOMB hosted a reading at Half King, the legendary bar and restaurant in Chelsea. Listen to a podcast of the event, featuring Luke Degnan, Ben Mirov, Dorothea Lasky, and Justin Taylor.

Smiles of the Unstoppable by Ben Mirov
Smiles Cover Hiressmallhurl Body

My shadow will kill your shadow, reader. Jason Bredle’s new book of poetry, Smiles of the Unstoppable, is out now from Magic Helicopter Press. In this Q&A Jason and Ben Mirov discuss cliché, finger bones, and how art should affect the heart.

Brandon Downing’s Lake Antiquity by Ben Mirov
Brandon Downing 01

Ben Mirov on Brandon Downing’s collaged poetry collection Lake Antiquity.

“Sometimes People Suffer For No Reason”: John Reed by Ben Mirov
John Reed

Tales of Woe by John Reed is a shamelessly unpleasant collection of non-fictional accounts of people caught in horrible, gut-wrenching situations. Approximating the look a graphic novel or pulp trade paperback, Tales of Woe contains illustrations of real-life horror stories from eleven different artists, which enhance the horrific, hilarious, unbelievable stories.

Small Press Spotlight by Ben Mirov

Birds, LLC is unique in the landscape of small poetry presses. Run by a group of friends who reside in multiple cities, the underlying aim of the press seems to be to publish within a small circumference of poets with close ties to its editors. Ben Mirov puts this small press under the spotlight.

Small Press Spotlight: Fence Books by Ben Mirov

Small Press Spotlight is a new monthly column at BOMBlog that explores the incredibly varied world of small literary presses, one at a time. First up: poetry powder keg FENCE Books. Check out our rundown of their recent releases.

Cyborg Dreams by Ben Mirov

Jillian Weise was already the author of two collections of poetry when she began writing The Colony, a novel that is by turns disturbing, beautiful, and hilarious.


“We the Reader”: Mark Bibbins by Ben Mirov
Bibbins1 Body

Although The Dance of No Hard Feelings is Mark Bibbins’ second book of poetry, nothing about this recently released collection feels sophomoric. Its bulk (just under 100 pages), its effortless political and didactic flourishes, its lapidary formal qualities and charismatic cadences give an impression of rare expertise.

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