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Samuel Bing of Fol Chen by Ben Ehrenreich

I met the boy who would become Samuel Bing in a faraway land called High-School-on-Long-Island.

Boys by Ben Ehrenreich

Two little boys become friends.

Sergio Gonzalez Rodriguez’s The Femicide Machine by Ben Ehrenreich
Julia Caldera

The bodies began appearing in 1993: girls and young women, often mutilated and raped, discarded in lots and ravines on the outskirts of Ciudad Juárez.

Ben Ehrenreich by Samuel Bing
Ben Ehrenreich

In part two of a two part conversation. Ben Ehrenreich and Samuel Bing discuss and Ehrenreich’s new novel Ether. Read part one here.

Everything You See Is Real by Ben Ehrenreich
Ben Ehrenreich

In the fourth installment in BOMB’s Fiction for Driving Across America series, Ben Ehrenreich reads his story “Everything You See Is Real,” published in BOMB 107’s literary supplement, First Proof.

Everything You See Is Real by Ben Ehrenreich

This is the unabridged version of Ben Ehrenreich’s story, also available as a Fiction for Driving audio.

Love (ii) by Ben Ehrenreich
Ben Ehrenreich 01

This First Proof contains the story “Love (ii).”

What You Eat by Ben Ehrenreich

When I was a boy, my father always told me, “If you kill something, boy, you’ve got to eat it.” It’s the way of the world, he’d tell me, and only right and just besides. 

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