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Think about the Children: on Michael Haneke’s Happy End by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Haneke Happy End 1

Four generations of unhappiness populate the French auteur’s latest.

Think about the Children: on Michael Haneke’s Happy End by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Haneke Happy End 1

Four generations of unhappiness populate the French auteur’s latest.

Laura Poitras’s Risk by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Laura Poitras Risk Bomb Magazine 01

Over the course of six years, filmmaker Laura Poitras had unparalleled access to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his closest confidantes. What she captured became Risk, the follow-up to her Oscar-winning Edward Snowden exposé, Citizenfour (2014).

The Enigma of Julian Assange by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Julian Assange 01

Risk, a new documentary by Laura Poitras, follows the Wikileaks founder as public perception sours.

Arnaud Desplechin by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Desplechin Bomb 02

“I wanted to build the script as if we were entering into a brain or a memory, where you have separate elements existing in the same time and you don’t understand the logic.”

Brian Oakes by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Jim Foley Bomb 4

“If you can’t go to church, and the only way you can pray, or connect to your god, is through another process, then that becomes the thing you do.”

Bob Mankoff by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Bomb Mankoff Bomb 1

“Humor teaches us that you can be a good person but also have bad thoughts.”

Lisa Immordino Vreeland by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Vreeland Bomb 04

“She wasn’t loved, so she didn’t know how to give love.”

Alex Ross Perry by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Rossperry 1

“This is not a movie that invites you to really empathize with these characters, nor is that the point.”

Debra Granik by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Granik 1

“I never could’ve predicted that these burly men clad in leather and chains, riding these metal ponies, could be that wracked by stuff and live with actual ghosts.”

Nick Broomfield by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Nick Broomfield 1

“When you make these films you need to work very closely with people from the community. You’re only as good as your relationship with them.”

Kornél Mundruczó by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Kornel Mundruczo 1

Wild dogs, revolution, and humanism.

Johanna Hamilton by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Johanna Hamilton 1

Surveillance, J. Edgar Hoover, and effective activism.

Daniel Dencik & Michael Haslund by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold

Melting glaciers, Metallica, and the Arctic.

Richard Ayoade by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold

Doppelgangers, Dostoyevsky and the importance of timelessness.

Matt Wolf by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Matt Wolf

Wolf, whose new film Teenage is out now, on the invention of the teenager and how our obsession with nostalgia may be helping our innovation.

Jessica Oreck by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold

Jessica Oreck discusses the rewards and challenges of working in sub-zero temperatures for her new film Aatsinki: the Story of Arctic Cowboys.

These Birds Walk by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Tbw Still1 Body

Filmmakers Omar Mullick and Bassam Tariq discuss their new documentary and the effort to find a place for runaways in the city of Karachi.

Penny Lane by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Our Nixon 1

Filmmaker Penny Lane on divisive personalities, collateral consequences, and the question of Nixon’s presidency as aberration in her new film, Our Nixon.

Shane Carruth by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Upstream Color 1

Writer and director Shane Carruth talks about his latest film Upstream Color, Walden, and an integrated filmmaking process.

Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
L3 Body

Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor on their visceral and experimental new documentary Leviathan.1

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