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Looking Back on 2017: Literature
Looking Back 2017 Literature

Featuring selections by Justin Taylor, Shelly Oria, Mary Walling Blackburn, Kevin Killian, Barry Schwabsky, John Freeman, and more.

R. H. Quaytman by Antonio Sergio Bessa
O Tópico, Chapter 27 01

On painting, architecture, and working in “chapters.”

Paulo Bruscky by Antonio Sergio Bessa
Paolo Bruscky 1

Paulo Bruscky came of age as an artist during the military takeover of Brazil in the 1960s and ’70s. In his native Recife, he developed a body of work for the dissemination of messages—through mail art, newspaper ads, flyers, and public interventions.

Three Poems by Francisco Alvim
​Francisco Alvim

Sometimes the gaze follows
the network of light
without any curiosity

Francisco Alvim by Antonio Sergio Bessa
​Francisco Alvim

“ I was for a poetry of verse, of the verse inherited from the modernists, both in its ideology and form—because to me the referential, the link with the world and with everyone’s life seemed extremely important, indispensable.”

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