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David Rattray: A Recognition by Lynne Tillman, Anney Bonney & Betsy Sussler

Two warm remembrances of the poet David Rattray, who passed away in 1993, and a video of the poet reading his piece “Mr. Peacock.”

Fernanda Eberstadt’s When the Sons of Heaven Meet the Daughters of Earth by Anney Bonney
​Fernanda Eberstadt

Ogden Nash, in his Civilization Is Constant Vexation, disputed this anecdote, “ … America is the only country in history that has passed directly from barbarism to decadence without passing through civilization at all … “;

Linda Hill by Anney Bonney
Linda Hill

When the curtain rises on writer/performer Linda Hill, the metaphoric veil we call normal awareness goes with it.

David Bowes by Anney Bonney
Bowes 01 Body

“I’m not really trying to make a hermetic painting. I’d like to make a painting that engages the attention and imagination of the viewer, not one that will refuse to give up its meaning. Maybe one that will release its meaning in time.”

Mike Bidlo by Anney Bonney
Bidlo 01

Michael Bidlo shares his relation to the “masters” as a copyist of the Modernist canon and at times looses himself in the process, not sure even of his own voice or thoughts at times.

George Condo by Anney Bonney
Condo 01 Body

George Condo’s revelatory paintings span the centuries between Madness and Beauty.

Hedda Sterne by Anney Bonney
Hedda Sterne 01

Hedda Sterne’s artistic career spans the 20th Century art history books. She first exhibited with the Surrealists in Paris and immigrated to America becoming an integral part of the Rothko, Pollock, Newman circle.

Chuck Connelly by Anney Bonney
Connelly 01 Body

Anxious landscapes, aberrant allegories, perverse personifications: Chuck Connelly is Norman Rockwell on acid—a maverick narrative painter pushing the limits of myth into a modern malaise all his own. Connelly has worked with Martin Scorcese on New York Stories and is currently showing with Lennon Weinberg Gallery. I talked to Chuck in his paint-drenched studio on East Second Street, where he spoke with his usual fiery candor and irreverence.

Tod Wizon by Anney Bonney
Wizon01 Body

In his Brooklyn studio, Tod Wizon meets with fellow painter Anney Bonney to discuss the finer points of art, polymorphic thinking, and self-abandonment.

The White Wolves by Anney Bonney

Acrylic and tempera painting on paper by Anney Bonney.

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