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Anna Moschovakis by Jennifer Kabat

The poet’s first novel, Eleanor, or, The Rejection of the Progress of Love, concerns a woman’s unnamed grief, as well as the meta-dialogue between the narrative’s author and the critic reading her manuscript.

Flat White (20/20) by Anna Moschovakis
Lindsay Burke Bomb 2

A compromised translation.
With, and for, Samira Negrouche.

Tréy Sager by Anna Moschovakis
Tréy Sager

Tréy Sager on moral relativism, the Odyssey as a prescriptive text, and resisting categorization alongside Fifty Shades of Gray.

Ben Marcus’s Notable American Women by Anna Moschovakis

Ben Marcus’s Notable American Women chronicles the experiments of the Silentists, a group of women who strive to remove motion and sound from their lives in order to “cease to kill the sky.”

Two Poems by Anna Moschovakis

This First Proof contains the poems “Thought Experiment: The Chinese Room,” and “Thought Experiment: Mary in the Black-and-White Room.”

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