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Zia Jaffrey’s The Invisibles by Ameena Meer
​Zia Jaffrey

I sometimes wonder whether Zia Jaffrey has a sixth sense, a sort of x-ray vision that gives her deep brown eyes the ability to penetrate the hearts of others. 

Camille Billops by Ameena Meer
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Louis Edwards by Ameena Meer
Edwards 01 Body

Louis Edwards is the kind of sweet, gangly guy you knew in high school. He’s shy and considerate, with a self-conscious smile on his bespectacled face that turns quickly into a laugh. In conversation, he steers around controversy, avoiding the slightest meanness. His novel, Ten Seconds, is the opposite.

Mira Nair by Ameena Meer
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Jessica Hagedorn by Ameena Meer
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Author Jessica Hagedorn talks to Ameena Meer about incorporating Filipino traditions, taboos, and superstitions into a mixed media narrative in her novel, Dogeaters.

Vikram Seth by Ameena Meer
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Vikram Seth discusses what it means to be an Indian writer, the art of translation, and living in China in the early ’80s.

Mark Leyner by Ameena Meer
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Mark Leyner’s prose is steeped in American pop culture and Burroughsesque descriptions of the grosser aspects of human behavior. Amanda Meer warns against reading them at the dinner table.

An Evening in Paris by Ameena Meer

Hoof beats clacked across the driveway. Horns honked. “The horse! The horse!” someone shrieked. “Oh, he’s so beautiful!” Jimmy recognized the voice of one of his girl-cousins.

An Evening in Paris by Ameena Meer


17 April 1969

Anish Kapoor by Ameena Meer
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Anish Kapoor and Ameena Meer discuss sex and death, subjectivity, and colors. Kapoor’s new work is on view now at Gladstone Gallery.

Bharati Mukherjee by Ameena Meer
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“For me, and perhaps for other immigrant writers, there’s a death and a series of rebirths. It’s very painful and traumatic letting go of the old self.”

Ketan Mehta by Ameena Meer
Mehta 01 Body

“The power of cinema lies in its ability to cut across social barriers. That’s what we’ve been trying to do. Literacy is not necessary—the upper classes should not be the guides for you to understand and appreciate a film. It has to be direct human contact. It can communicate with the psyche.”

Salman Rushdie  by Ameena Meer
Rushdie 01 Body

Despite death threats and religious edict, subversive novelist and essayist Salman Rushdie has won numerous awards and remains a prominent voice in global politics.

Vacation by Ameena Meer
​Ellen Phelan

When I looked in the bathroom mirror this morning, a crowd of people looked back. 

Mona Simpson by Ameena Meer
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Mona Simpson’s first novel, Anywhere But Here, explores the complicated relationship of a mother and daughter as they go in search of their own strangely American dreams.

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