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Corban Walker by Amanda Means
Walker 02

Amanda Means on how Corban Walker’s intricate prints celebrate both the human mind and the technique of the machine.

Oliver Boberg by Amanda Means
Boberg 01 Body

The process of making photographs is full of mind twists: upside downs, downside ups, negatives/positives, blacks/whites…The camera sees with a lens that projects an upside-down image on the ground glass of a view camera. 

Janet Zweig by Amanda Means
Janet Zweig Thinking Contest

In Janet Zweig’s kinetic sculpture there are uneasy juxtapositions between the ancient and the modern, the mechanical and the emotional, the playful and the dead serious. 

Memory of Loss by Amanda Means
Bomb 59 Means1 Body

This First Proof contains flower images, Memory of Loss by Amanda Means.

Portfolio: Douglas Beube by Amanda Means
Bomb 58 Beube 002 Body
Maureen Connor by Amanda Means
Connor01 Body

“When you really start to think about what your organs look like and what would happen if your skin were ripped off or your chest were opened up and you looked inside, it’s not something you want to identify with, but something you want to distance yourself from.”

Two Photographs by Amanda Means
20 Means 01 Body

Two untitled photographs, Untitled (Number Forty) and Untitled (Number Twenty-Eight), by Amanda Means. 

Untitled #6 by Amanda Means
Bomb 11 Means 001 Body
Untitled Photograph by Amanda Means
Bomb 9 Means 001 Body
New Mexico by Amanda Means

Photograph by Amanda Means. 

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