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Four Photographers by Allen Frame
First proof cover
Four Photographers by Allen Frame
First proof cover
Eri Morita’s Home Drama and Stuart O’Sullivan’s How Beautiful This Place Can Be by Allen Frame
​Eri Morita 01

Family portraiture is the autobiographical pretext for two remarkable recent books of photography by Eri Morita (Ho and Stuart O’Sullivan (How Beautiful This Place Can Be), two New York-based 30-something photographers.

Tim Gardner by Allen Frame
Tim Gardner

In his first New York solo show at 303 Gallery, the 26-year-old Canadian painter Tim Gardner works from his brothers’ and his own snapshots of their friends to create a vivid depiction of teenage male-bonding games glimpsed in the suburbs of Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver. 

Thelma Garcia by Allen Frame
Garcia 1

For several years, Thelma Garcia has been creating black-and-white sequences in which she photographs herself from across the room, performing daily routines like taking a shower or making the bed.

Ardele Lister’s Conditional Love by Allen Frame
66 Ardele Lister Body
Jonas Maron by Allen Frame
Jonas Maron

Jonas Maron’s photographs of Berlin in the ’90s are bittersweet, made with mixed emotions

Mauro Restiffe by Allen Frame
​Mauro Restiffe 1

Mauro Restiffe is a 27-year-old Brazilian photographer whose photographs of a few months spent in St. Petersburg last winter were included in the first Moscow International Festival of Photography in April. 

Javotte and Katherine, Paris ‘90 by Allen Frame
Allen Frame Bomb 34

Photograph of two women at a table, Javotte and Katherine, Paris ’90 by Allen Frame.

Leonard Shapiro by Allen Frame
Shapiro1 Body

“People measure the success of theater by how completely they get off while they’re there. It’s like sex: if you don’t get off, then there was something incomplete about it.” Leonard Shapiro

John Steppling by Allen Frame & Harvey Perr
Steppling 01 Body

“I always said what distinguishes great writers is their infinite compassion.”

John Heys by Allen Frame
29 Heys 01 Body

“I was in the first Palm Revue with a group of about 30 people, including Candy Darling, Jackie Curtis, Alexis Del Lago—some of the legends produced and directed by Sheyla Baykal. We packed them in. One night Diana Vreeland brought Cecil Beaton and they just barely got in the back door. It was a big show—music, dancing, comedy, tableaux, solo spots.”

Mary Ellen Mark by Allen Frame
Mark 01 Body

“I don’t like to think of myself as a photojournalist. I’m a documentary photographer. I photograph reality.”

Penny Arcade by Allen Frame
Arcade 01 Body

Channeling New York’s most notorious divas, Penny Arcade reveals the inspiration and connection she finds from her subjects.

Jeff Weiss by Allen Frame
Weiss Jeff 01 Bomb 027

On the occasion of the 1988 production of Our Town at the Lincoln Center, actor and playwright Jeff Weiss discusses fame, taking chances, and the pleasure of obscurity in a BOMB short with Allen Frame.

British Theatre: Gary Stevens by Allen Frame
Stevens 01 Body

Featuring the English stage, Allen Frame interviews Gary Stevens and Rose English in a diptych of an interview called the “British Theatre.”

Ping Chong and Pablo Vela by Allen Frame
Chong Vela 01 Body

Ping Chong and Pablo Vela describe growing up as cultural outsiders “looking in” on America and how this perspective led them to directing and collaborating.

María Irene Fornés by Allen Frame
Fornes 01

Allen Frame talks to playwright and director María Irene Fornés, author of several plays including the Obie-winning MudDanube, and Sarita.

Nightshift by Allen Frame
Nightshift 01 Body

Nightshift presented a season of Joe Orton’s Ruffian On the Stair, Heathecote Williams Local Stigmatic and three James Purdy plays during the summer and winter of ‘82.

James Purdy by Allen Frame
Purdy04 Body

James Purdy is the author of numerous novels, short stories, and plays. Nightshift, a N.Y. theater group working out of the Laight Again Club in New York’s East Village, performed three of Purdy’s one-acts, What Is It Zach?True, and The Berry-Picker, during October and November of 1982.

Mary Mhoon by Allen Frame
Mhoon 01 Body

This interview took place over telephone between NY and Memphis, January 1983.

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