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Mysterious Unfixable Elements: Olivia Laing Interviewed by Alex Zafiris
Funny Weather Olivia Laing

On writing to include others, artists who generate hope, and how constriction can be inventive.

Mysterious Unfixable Elements: Olivia Laing Interviewed by Alex Zafiris
Funny Weather Olivia Laing

On writing to include others, artists who generate hope, and how constriction can be inventive.

Home: Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s Little Boy by Alex Zafiris
Little Boy

Memories and literary references fuse and spark in this autobiography about the co-founder of City Lights Bookstore.

Looking Back: BOMB Contributors on Film in 2018
Giverny Negresse Imperial 1 1

Featuring selections by Sasha Bonét, Lisa Borst, Nicholas Elliott, Mark Harwood, and more.

Cinema as Sacred Space: Josephine Decker Interviewed by Alex Zafiris

The director on ritual, the pain of creation, and her new film, Madeline’s Madeline.

Nothing Is Ever Wrong: Chelsea Hodson by Alex Zafiris

The writer on surrendering, working through her avoidance, and using her body as an anchor. 

We Are The Thoughts of Sorrows: On Lou Reed’s book of poems Do Angels Need Haircuts? by Alex Zafiris
Reed Review

After The Velvet Underground, a poetic underworld.

Two Sunsets by Adam Golfer
Golfer Two Sunsets 002

A film investigating memory and history, premiering exclusively on BOMB, with a brief interview by Alex Zafiris.

Fall Arts Preview
Bernadette Mayer Memory 01

Upcoming shows, retrospectives, and museum openings highlighted by Maika Pollack, Ratik Asokan, Alex Zafiris, Gideon Jacobs, Michael Barron, Wendy Vogel, Zack Hatfield, and Legacy Russell

Use the Reality: Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Endless Poetry by Alex Zafiris
Alejandro Jodorowsky Endless Poetry 01

The filmmaker speaks about his self-portrait as a young poet

Rachel Cusk by Alex Zafiris
Rachel Cusk 01

“For these books to work, the reader needs to play at least some role in the ‘writing’ of them.”

Looking Back on 2016: Art & Film
Looking Back 2016 Art Film Bomb 1

Selections by Lucas Blalock, Carmen Boullosa, Liz Collins, Ricky D’Ambrose, Andrew Durbin, Scott Esposito, Jen George, Brent Green, Carlos A. Gutiérrez, Karl Holmqvist, Roberto Juarez, Baseera Khan, Jaime Manrique, Isaac Pool, Marina Rosenfeld, Frederic Tuten, Wendy Vogel, and Alex Zafiris.

Kirsten Johnson by Alex Zafiris
Kirsten Johnson Bomb 1

The cinematographer and director on her memoir, Cameraperson.

Les Blank’s A Poem Is a Naked Person by Alex Zafiris
Blank 1

Thanks to his son, Harrod Blank, the filmmaker’s forty-year-old documentary on musician Leon Russell is finally released.

Olivier Assayas by Alex Zafiris
Olivier Assayas 1

Time, sharing pain, and theater versus cinema.

Alejandro Jodorowsky by Alex Zafiris

The theater director, filmmaker, and provocateur on The Dance of Reality, his first film in over twenty years.

Godfrey Reggio by Alex Zafiris

Godfrey Reggio on his new film Visitors, a piece of poetic, experiential cinema, with an original score by Philip Glass.

Instituto Divorciado by Alex Zafiris
Instituto Divorciado 1

Alex Zafiris meets with Ian Szydlowski of Chilean art collective Instituto Divoriciado to discuss their new multimedia work, Love and Other Hallucinations.

Hybrid Space by Alex Zafiris
Lowe01 Body

Alex Zafiris talks to artists Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe about their new installation and fourth collaboration, Stray Light Grey, presented at Marlborough Chelsea in New York.

Rocks and Gravel: Light Industry by Alex Zafiris
Ed   Thomas Duo  300Dpi  Braden King 2012 Body

Alex Zafiris talks to Light Industry’s Ed Halter and Thomas Beard about their groundbreaking venue for film and electronic art and curating the film and video program at the Whitney Biennial.

Rocks and Gravel: Jay Scheib by Alex Zafiris
​Jay Scheib

Alex Zafiris talks to theater director, writer and media designer Jay Scheib about his recent play,World of Wires, which closes his trilogy, Simulated Cities/Simulated Systems.

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