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Three Poems by Alan Gilbert
Alan Gilbert Bomb 141

You might be an heir to the throne,
but I’ve abolished the monarchy
before the sun comes out
and washes away the DayGlo.

Metaphors on Vision by Stan Brakhage
Brakhage 2

A letter from Brakhage to the poet Robert Kelly describing his work on the groundbreaking film Mothlight.

Spring Books Preview
Spring Books Preview 2016 Bomb

Recent and forthcoming highlights selected by Justin Taylor, John Keene, Albert Mobilio, Dawn Lundy Martin, Alan Gilbert, Ken Chen, Ander Monson, Chelsea Hodson, and Lawrence Giffin.

Skinscreen: Art and Poetry at the New Museum’s Surround Audience Triennial by Alan Gilbert
Surround Audience 01

The title Surround Audience evokes the ceaseless ambient noise of the digital age: not only social media but the Internet at large as the general virtualization and modification of human experience, physical bodies, and social interactions.

Paul Chan’s Selected Writings, 2000–2014 edited by George Baker and Eric Banks by Alan Gilbert

Chan is not an artist who also writes; he’s an artist and a writer.

Jed Rasula and Tim Conley’s Burning City: Poems of Metropolitan Modernity by Alan Gilbert
Anatol Stern's Europa

There are many artistic modernisms. There are alternative modernisms, alternatives to modernism, and antimodernisms.

Encyclopedia Vol. 2 F-K by Alan Gilbert
Krista Franklin 01

Alan Gilbert considers the implications of the release of volume 2 of the Encyclopedia project, as well as the success of its format as creative nonfiction.

Madness and Mr. Phillips by Alan Gilbert
​Geoffrey Rush

Alan Gilbert parses Adam Phillip’s artist talk at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Discussed herein: madness, theater, and Greek tragedy.

Jace Clayton by Alan Gilbert
Clayton3 Body

If you know Jace Clayton, you probably know him as DJ /rupture, a turntablist who has hopped styles from clattering noise to grimy dub to cumbia. Coming off his recent album Solar Life Raft, Clayton met with poet Alan Gilbert.

Two Poems by Alan Gilbert

This First Proof contains two poems.

Ugly Duckling Presse by Alan Gilbert
Ugly Duckling Presse

It’s tough being a bohemian these days. 

Walid Ra’ad by Alan Gilbert
Walid Ra'ad 01

Even though—or perhaps because—it’s such a small country, Lebanon has been swept up in a number of major geopolitical encounters over the past 200 years.

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