Year 29 by Betsy Sussler

BOMB 111 Spring 2010
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Like a lot of people, we’re very happy that 2009 is over. In retrospect, however, we can’t help but appreciate the lesson that this past year taught us again and again. BOMB has thrived for nearly 30 years as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit by relying on the generosity of its contributors, patrons, and the reading public in general. So the Great Recession is actually very familiar territory for us, a constant reminder of the struggles we’ve faced to fulfill our mission of delivering the artist’s voice these many years.

Despite the odds, BOMB has become more visible than ever. It started last year on newsstands with a fantastic new design team that intuitively understood BOMB’s legacy, taking us back to our scrappy roots as a rebel with a past. Picking up and reading the newly redesigned BOMB had never been so much fun. It continued with the launch and evolution of our blog, a dynamic new platform for emerging artists, writers, filmmakers, and musicians to experiment with form and content. BOMBlog welcomed a whole new generation of artists to participate in the ongoing conversation that is BOMB. It culminated with the completion of The BOMB Digital Archive just before the holidays, a three-year project to digitize the nearly 1,000 interviews from the last 29 years: a fully searchable virtual library for artists, students, and scholars worldwide to explore and utilize.

Meanwhile, our online presence grew at an exponential rate with the help of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and new media opportunities like video features and podcast series. BOMB demonstrated that it’s more than a magazine. BOMB is a mission.

And now, in 2010, we’re taking that mission even further, beyond the page and across several mediums:

—The Oral Histories Project, a partnership between the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, and BOMB; national in scope, it will launch with New York City–based African-American visual artists with oral histories instigated and conducted by artists.

—Our BOMBLive! conversation audio and video series filmed at venues across the country and broadcast online, and as podcasts.

—A new partnership with the nonprofit digital archive JSTOR will make BOMB accessible to students and scholars at 6,000 university libraries worldwide.

—Other exciting initiatives include e-books, online subscriptions, and maybe even an iPhone app, each offering premium BOMB content available exclusively on these platforms.

We’re excited by all these changes and possibilities and hope you are too. BOMB is a mission. It’s also a community. We’re glad you’re part of it. If you would like to contribute to our efforts, please call 718.636.9100 x103. Thank you for your continued support.

—Betsy Sussler

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BOMB 111, Spring 2010

Featuring interviews with Guy Ben-Ner, T.J Wilcox and Anne Collier, Sam Lipsyte and Christopher Sorrentino, Carlos Reygadas, Patricia Clarkson and Howard Altmann, David Sylvian and Keith Rowe, Edgar Arceneaux and Charles Gaines and Rick Lowe, Charles Bernstein. 

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Issue 111  Cover 2