X-Acta Sketch by Futura 2000

X-Acta Sketch, a collage by Futura 2000.

BOMB 8 Winter 1983
008 Winter Spring 1985

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Futura 2000

Futura 2000, X-Acta Sketch, 1983, Collage, 22 × 40”.

Wild Style
Wild style
Revenge of the Nerds by Gretchen Bender
​Gretchen Bender 001
Equation for Mettropposttersizer by Rammellzee

Abstract cosmic scene created with spray enamel and marker on a board, Equation for Mettropposttersizer by Rammellzee.

Keith Haring by Tseng Kwong Chi

Photograph by Tseng Kwong Chi of Keith Haring creating a subway drawing.

Originally published in

BOMB 8, Winter 1983

Edouard Roditi by Bradford Morrow, Taylor Meadeby Alf Young, art by Elizabeth Murray, Ellen Phelan, Pat Steir, and more.

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008 Winter Spring 1985