Wingdale Community Singers by Clinton Krute

BOMBsessions: Wingdale Community Singers from BOMB Magazine on Vimeo.

Composers David Grubbs and Hannah Marcus, writer Rick Moody and artist Nina Katchadourian, along with bassist Elissa Moser Linowes, are all highly acclaimed in their respective fields. As the Wingdales, their music is equal parts Brooklyn grit and Kentucky haze, writing and playing songs that are suffused with harmony and an awareness of folk tradition, but never degenerate into mere nostalgia. As Moody says, “The Wingdale Community Singers do long for this pre-rock possibility, but also recognize that it may be historically impossible to really get there.” Their new album, Spirit Duplicator is out now on Scarlet Shame Records.

BOMBsessions caught up with the group at Marcus’ Brooklyn apartment on a windy Fall night. With Mr. Grubbs regrettably busy teaching at Brooklyn College, the remaining members of the band performed the song “Willing Sense of Disbelief.”

Video by Clinton Krute with Jaclyn Alexander

The Wingdale Community Singers have shows in New York on January 11th at Mercury Lounge and on January 19th at The City Winery.

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