Wilderness by Mary Lucier

BOMB 31 Spring 1990
031 Spring 1990
Lucier Wilderness

Mary Lucier, Wilderness, 1986, still images from video installation. Courtesy of Greenberg Wilson.

Peter Campus by John Hanhardt
Campus 10 Body
Charles Atlas by Erica Getto
Charles Atlas, Turning, 2012, Connie Flemming

Since the ’70s, the filmmaker, video artist, and pioneer of “media dance” has recorded exceptional bodies in motion—dancers, drag queens, and punk musicians.

Art As Negotiation: Jason Hirata Interviewed by Joseph Lubitz
Jason Hirata1

Artwork that complexifies the notion of authorship.

I Do Not Know What It Is I Am Like: The Art of Bill Viola Reviewed by Julia Clift
Bill Viola1

Exploring liminal spaces.

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BOMB 31, Spring 1990

Featuring interviews with Jean-Paul Gaultier, Nick Cave, Joyce Carol Oates, Anton Furst, Tony Spiridakis, Larry Sultan, Liza Béar, Sally Beers, John Steppling, Lisa Hoke, Véra Belmont, Leonard Shapiro, and Christopher Brown.

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031 Spring 1990