White Feather and the Modern Kitchen by Richard Boch

BOMB 3 Spring 1982
003 Winter Spring 1982

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3 Richardbock Body

These images, made with the SX-70 are about being home alone. They are about my living room and my kitchen. Made with the help of household devices and appliances they show that when one is alone at home, one is not really alone at all.

The SX-70 is a great companion. As one who does not take many photographs other than with the SX-70, these images are experiments, the results only a small part of a whole. They have become pieces of a game board, and all the pieces thankfully fit together.

Nan Goldin by Stephen Westfall
Goldin 01
Joseph Bartscherer by James Welling
Bartscherer 01 Body

In memory of Joseph Bartscherer (1954–2020), BOMB is reposting this interview from 2008.

Kickin’ It: Jennifer Harge Interviewed by Taylor Aldridge
Dam Jennifer Perormance 4

The dance artist and choreographer discusses her praxis of fellowship and pleasure.

Hidden Histories: Mary Kelly: The Practical Past by Jessica Holmes

From the laundry room to the streets.  

Originally published in

BOMB 3, Spring 1982

Barbara Kruger & Richard Prince, Keith Sonnier, Valie Export, Alan Scarritt, and Jim Chladek. Cover by Mark Magill.

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003 Winter Spring 1982