Watchman’s Meadow by Gregory Crane

BOMB 41 Fall 1992
Issue 41 041  Fall 1992
41 Crane Body

Gregory Crane, Watchman’s Meadow, 1989, oil on linen, 24 × 49½ inches. Courtesy of Edward Thorp Gallery.

An Excerpt from In a House in a Woods by Peter Markus
​Daniel Shea
Sugar Plantation by Frans Janszoon Post
Frans Janszoon Post 01 Bomb 079
Gregory Crane: The Four Seasons by April Gornik
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Untitled Photograph by Barbara Ess
Barbara Ess, Untitled, 1991, monochrome color photograph, 11 × 14 inches. Courtesy of Curt Marcus Gallery.

Untitled monochrome color photograph by Barbara Ess.

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BOMB 41, Fall 1992

Featuring interviews with Richard Tuttle, Television, Anna Deveare Smith, Jessica Stockholder, YoYo, Donna Tartt, Gregg Araki, Ron Vawter, Lillian Lee, Fabian Marcaccio, and Robbie McCauley.

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Issue 41 041  Fall 1992