¡Viva! by Robin Winters

BOMB 10 Fall 1984
Issue 10 010  Fall 1984
​Robin Winters 001

Robin Winters, ¡Viva!, 1983, ink on paper, 27 × 39 inches.

Martin Wilner by Francis Levy
Martin Wilner 01

Martin Wilner is an artist and psychiatrist. For his ongoing Case Histories—a series of portraits each completed over the course of a month—subjects send him daily dispatches that are woven into the drawings. Novelist Francis Levy calls the process “a mini analysis of sorts.”

Two Drawings (Two Heads) by Kerry James Marshall
207785903 07222015 Kerryjamesmarshall Twoheads Bomb 092
Untitled Drawing by David Salle
​David Salle 001

Originally published in

BOMB 10, Fall 1984

María Irene Fornés, Jeff Weiss, art by Cindy Sherman, Billy Sullivan, Robert Gober, Laurie Simmons, and more.

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Issue 10 010  Fall 1984