viral attaque: moRal twiliGht by Joseph Nechvatal

BOMB 46 Winter 1994
046 Winter 1994
46 Nechvatal Body

Joseph Nechvatal, viral attaque: moRal twiliGht, from Computer Virus Project, 1993, computer logic and laser print. Courtesy of Brooke Alexander and Saline Royale d’Arc-et-Senans.

Laurie Simmons's My Art by Judith Hudson
Laurie Simmons 01
In Praise of Drop Shadows by Christopher Page
Screen Shot 2019 12 12 At 4 23 11 Pm

The computer screen conjures pictorial space, but its apparent depth is paradoxical.

David Behrman’s Music With Memory by Clinton Krute
Music With Memory1 Tg Copy

We often think of music as flowing from memory or being committed to memory. Music With Memory—the title of a new LP of three ’80s-era performances of works by the composer David Behrman—implies some conversation and interplay between the two. 

At the Peephole by Nuar Alsadir
Man At Peephole

Years ago, desperate to find a babysitter in a short period of time, I joined two local parents’ groups on the web and remained subscribed to them long after my situation had been resolved. 

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BOMB 46, Winter 1994

Featuring interviews with Haruki Murakami, Ileana Douglas, Dan Graham, Mike Leigh, Campbell McGrath, Dona Nelson, Tran Anh Hung, Julius Hemphill, Stephen Wright, Robert Schenkkan, and Lawrence Gipe.

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046 Winter 1994