Portfolio by Ville Kumpulainen

BOMB 143 Spring 2018
Bomb #143

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1 Kumpulainen Thewindsblow

The Wind Blows, 2016, pigment print, 25.5 × 19 inches. All images courtesy of the artist.

6 Kumpulainen Journey Copy

Journey, 2016, pigment print, 17.75 × 17.75 inches.

4 Kumpulainen Afterwards

Afterwards, 2016, pigment print, 34 × 23.25 inches.

3 Kumpulainen Puppeteer 1

Puppeteer, 2016, pigment print, 20.5 × 14 inches.

7 Kumpulainen Outofsight

Out of Sight, 2015, pigment print, 26.75 × 18 inches. 

2 Kumpulainen Memorysequence

Memory Sequence, 2014, pigment print, 27.25 × 18.25 inches.

5 Kumpulainen Disappearing 1

Disappearing on White I, 2015, pigment print, 25 × 16.25 inches.

Ville Kumpulainen is a photographer living and working in Helsinki, Finland. In his new book, Out of Sight (Hatje Cantz, 2017), Kumpulainen manipulates archival images to solidify the tenuous connection between present and past, attempting to fill the gaps left between himself and his history.

Portfolio by Sam Contis
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Polina Barskova by Michael Juliani
Polina Barskova Bomb 1

“I’m interested in subterranean culture that says ‘I will trick you’ to official culture, ‘I will play you.’”

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BOMB 143, Spring 2018

Featuring interviews with LaToya Ruby Frazier and Fred Moten, Sergio De La Pava, Nina Hoss, Barbara Hammer, Joseph Keckler, Lydia Ourahmane, Kaneza Schaal, Hank Willis Thomas and Kambui Olujimi, and Summer Wheat.

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