Untitled Photograph by Dawoud Bey

BOMB 13 Fall 1985

New York Live Arts presents

Marjani Forte
Nov 15-19

Untitled photograph by Dawoud Bey

Untitled photograph by Dawoud Bey.

Tod Papageorge by Richard B. Woodward
Tod Papageorge 01
Teju Cole by Aleksandar Hemon
Teju Cole 01

“Yes, I believe in life online, the way a person in 1910 might believe in aviation, or a person in 1455 might believe in movable type: with excitement and apprehension.”

Portfolio by Sam Contis
Sam Contis 01

Contis explores the construction of myth, place, and masculine identity in the enduring imagery of the American West.

Daido Moriyama by Bree Zucker
Daido Moriyama Bomb 7

“The street is always interesting because any world of images I construct is promptly dismissed once I go outside.”

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BOMB 13, Fall 1985
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