Untitled Painting by Al Taylor

BOMB 23 Spring 1988
023 Spring 1988

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Bomb 23 Taylor Body

Al Taylor, Untitled, 1986–87, watercolor on paper, 12 × 9 inches. Courtesy of Lorence Monk.

Oral History Project: Stanley Whitney by Alteronce Gumby
​Stanley Whitney
Barnaby Furnas by John Reed
Bomb Barnaby Furnas 1

“Our world is totally dominated by rectangles.”

Eva Lundsager by Jessica Baran
​Eva Lundsager 01

It is difficult to make work about joy. Eva Lundsager’s watercolors (articulated with sumi ink) manage to do it, capturing, as she describes them, acts of “hysterical ecstasy.”

Jennifer Clifford Danner by Betsy Sussler
Jennifer Clifford Danner 01 Bomb 100

Larger than life-size, glancing head on or sideways, Jennifer Clifford Danner’s portraits—for portraits they are, in the traditional sense, if not painted in the traditional method—confront their audience with a dignity and vulnerability rarely seen since Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Block-Bauer.

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BOMB 23, Spring 1988

Paul Auster by Joseph Mallia, Black-Eyed Susan, Jeanne-Pierre Gorin, April Gornik, Freya Hansell & Susan Rothenberg.

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023 Spring 1988