Untitled Drawing by Richard Nabhan

BOMB 36 Summer 1991

New York Live Arts presents

Marjani Forte
Nov 15-19

36 Nabhan 3 Body

Richard Nabhan, Ink Drawing, 1991, 10⅞ x 16⅝ inches.

Two Drawings by Jeanne Hedstrom
36 Hesdstrom 1 Body
Portfolio by Lori Ellison
Ellison Lori 01 Bomb 133
Catherine Howe by Madeline Weinrib
Howe 3 Body

During the 1990s, Catherine Howe and I were painters in the same downtown studio building at the edge of the West Side Highway and frequent visitors to each other’s work space. 

Eva Lundsager by Jessica Baran
​Eva Lundsager 01

It is difficult to make work about joy. Eva Lundsager’s watercolors (articulated with sumi ink) manage to do it, capturing, as she describes them, acts of “hysterical ecstasy.”

Originally published in

BOMB 36, Summer 1991
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