Untitled Drawing by Li Trincere

BOMB 36 Summer 1991

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Li Trincere Bomb 036

Li Trincere, 1991, black-and-white drawing, 12 × 12 inches. Courtesy Berland Hall Gallery.

Robert Mangold by Shirley Kaneda
Article 2401 31May09Rg  Mangold 01
Ohne Titel (Totem) by Blinky Palermo
19 Palermo Body

Casseine on canvas over wood, titled Ohne Titel (Totem), by Blinky Palermo, 1964. Part of the Köln portfolio. 

Patricia Treib by Joe Fyfe
196550845 06092016 Patricia Treib Bomb 1

“Every time you remember something, it’s not like you’re being teleported to the past—you’re actually physically experiencing it in the present.”

Stanley Whitney by David Reed
Whitney 01

A painter colleague, Fabian Marcaccio, uses a phrase to describe a certain kind of artist. He says that they are “long runners.” Stanley Whitney is a long runner.

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BOMB 36, Summer 1991
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