Untitled by Sawyer Shefts

BOMB 55 Spring 1996

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At night I hear the dog bark
the wind blows my swing

My Dad is snoring
My Mom is going like plunck, plunck
My Dad is snoring like zzzzzzz, zzzzzzz

My brother is sleepwalking like ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh

but I like those sounds

Brooklyn Moon Cafe Poets by Zoë Anglesey
Curled Like One Great Ear on a Sound by Luke Wiget

Luke Wiget on the commanding sounds and biographical narrative in Li-Young Lee’s re-released The Winged Seed

The Girl with the Matted Hair: Eight Scenes from Childhood by Carole Maso

When the children were small, they would often play their grave resurrection games back behind the prickle bushes at the Winterbear Montessori School.

Adam Phillips by Sameer Padania
Phillips Adam

With human-rights activist Sameer Padania, British psychoanalyst and prolific essayist Adam Phillips free-associates on topics addressed in his new collection, On Balance: fundamentalism, excess, and the shortcomings of liberalism.

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BOMB 55, Spring 1996
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