Untitled by Raymond Pettibon

Ink on paper work, Untitled, by Raymond Pettibon. 

BOMB 37 Fall 1991

New York Live Arts presents

Marjani Forte
Nov 15-19

Raymond Pettibon, Untitled, 1988, ink on paper, 17½ × 11¼ inches. Courtesy of Feature Gallery.

Four Songs by Tom Verlaine
Tom Verlaine 01
Black Slipping by Peter Blake
Article 724 14  Drake

Sanded, ink on paper work of a figure holding onto a galloping horse, Black Slipping by Peter Drake.

Untitled Drawing by Bobby G.

Ink drawing by Bobby G.

Bomb by David Kapp

Drawing by David Kapp.

Originally published in

BOMB 37, Fall 1991
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