Untitled by Sue Williams

BOMB 33 Fall 1990
033 Fall 1990

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33 Williams Body

Sue Williams, Untitled, 1990, ink on paper, 21½ x 14½ inches. Courtesy of the artist.

Sue Williams by Nancy Spero
Williams 01
Two Drawings by William T. Wiley
William T. Wiley, Charm Study, 1989, pencil and ink, 7 × 10 inches. Courtesy of Wanda Hansen.

Two pencil and ink and ink drawings, titled Charm Study and Angel Babies, by William T. Wiley.

Gametes by Kiki Smith
Kiki Smith, Gametes (detail), 1988, ink on paper, 15 × 21⅛ inches. Courtesy of Joe Fawbush.

Drawing by Kiki Smith.

Portfolio by Renee Gladman
Gladman Portfolio 01

Renee Gladman is the author of ten works of prose and poetry, most recently Calamities, a collection of essay-fictions. Her first monograph of drawings, Prose Architectures, was published by Wave Books in 2017. She lives in New England with the poet-ceremonialist Danielle Vogel.

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BOMB 33, Fall 1990

Featuring interviews with Al Pacino, Ian McEwan, Dr. John, Harvey Keitel, Vikram Seth, Dorothea Phillips, Thulani Davis, Victoria Williams, Bella Freud, Jo Shane, Campbell Scott, and Dorothea Tanning.

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033 Fall 1990