Untitled by David Ortins

BOMB 29 Fall 1989

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​David Ortins

David Ortins, Untitled, 1989, oil and beeswax on wood panel, 16 × 24 inches. Courtesy of Pamela Auchincloss Gallery.

Little Statuette by Kay Rosen
Bomb 36 Krosen Body

Ink drawing, Little Statuette by Kay Rosen. 

Rivaulx Abbey, Interior of the Choir by Philip Henry Delamotte & Joseph Cundall
26 Delamotte Body

An albumen print, titled Rivaulx Abbey, Interior of the Choir, by Philip Henry Delamotte and Joseph Cundall.

 The Seal of Life by Carl Apfelschnitt
Carl Apfelschnitt

Handmade paper with pigment, The Seal of Life by Carl Apfelschnitt.

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BOMB 29, Fall 1989
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