Two Works by John Baldessari

Two works from 1986 by John Baldessari: Yellow (With Onlookers) and Spaces Between (One Risky).

BOMB 16 Summer 1986
016 Summer 1986

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Baldessari 01 Body

John Baldessari, Spaces Between (One Risky), 1986, black and white photographs, 58¼ × 36 inches. All images courtesy of Sonnabend Gallery.

Baldessari02 Body

John Baldessari, Yellow, (With Onlookers), 1986, painted black and white photographs, 39¾ × 27¼ inches.

Richard Prince by Marvin Heiferman
Prince01 Body
Radio Rain by Todd Watts
39 Watts Body

Gelatin silver print photograph with dye transfer, Radio Rain by Todd Watts. 

Double-Num Wall Tattoo by Gretchen Faust
38 Faust 01 Body

Pattern and instructions for a “wall tattoo,” titled Double-Num Wall Tattoo, by Gretchen Faust.

Two Photographs by Bastienne Schmidt
37 Schmidt 1 Body

Two untitled photographs of Greece and NYC, by Bastienne Schmidt. 

Originally published in

BOMB 16, Summer 1986

Linda Hunt, Alexander Liberman, art by Jeff Koons, John Baldessari, Barbara Bloom, and more. Cover art by James Nare.

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016 Summer 1986