Two Works by John Baldessari

BOMB 16 Summer 1986
016 Summer 1986
Baldessari 01 Body

John Baldessari, Spaces Between (One Risky), 1986, black and white photographs, 58¼ × 36 inches. All images courtesy of Sonnabend Gallery.

Baldessari02 Body

John Baldessari, Yellow, (With Onlookers), 1986, painted black and white photographs, 39¾ × 27¼ inches.

Richard Prince by Marvin Heiferman
Prince01 Body
Radio Rain by Todd Watts
39 Watts Body

Gelatin silver print photograph with dye transfer, Radio Rain by Todd Watts. 

Double-Num Wall Tattoo by Gretchen Faust
38 Faust 01 Body

Pattern and instructions for a “wall tattoo,” titled Double-Num Wall Tattoo, by Gretchen Faust.

Two Photographs by Bastienne Schmidt
37 Schmidt 1 Body

Two untitled photographs of Greece and NYC, by Bastienne Schmidt. 

Originally published in

BOMB 16, Summer 1986

Linda Hunt by Vincent Caristi & Craig Gholson, Alexander Liberman, art by Jeff Koons, John Baldessari, Barbara Bloom, and more. Cover art by James Nare.

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016 Summer 1986