Two Works by Steve Keister

BOMB 27 Spring 1989
027 Spring 1989

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27 Keister 01 Body

Steve Keister, Untitled, 1988, wood fiberglass, epoxy resin, epoxy paint, and rubber, 35½ × 37 × 12⅜ inches. Courtesy of Blum Helman.

27 Keister 02 Body

Steve Keister, Cat Scan, 1989, silkscreen and Xerox process print, Masa Japanese paper, edition of 25, 34 × 45 inches. Courtesy of Solo Press.

Plethora by Joseph Nechvetal
27 Nechvetal Body
Portfolio by Lauren Clay
278422413 02082016 Sadhaka Shushumna Lauren Clay

“Walls become panoramic vistas, referencing fractal geometries, viscous lava flows, and ’60s psychedelia.” —Peter Halley

Lucy Skaer by William Corwin
Skaer 2

Lucy Skaer might be hiding a time machine.

Original Collage for BOMB by Jessica Stockholder
Article 1467  Stockholder 001

A mixed media collage, titled Original Collage for BOMB, by Jessica Stockholder. 

Originally published in

BOMB 27, Spring 1989

Salman Rushdie, Polly Apfelbaum, Dennis Cooper, James Nares, Penny Arcade, Mats, Alexander Kluge, Robert Greene, Nancy Shaver, Abbijane, Terry Kinney, Michael Tetherow, Bill Barrette, and Carmelo Pomodoro.

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027 Spring 1989