Two Works by Sol LeWitt

BOMB 54 Winter 1996
Issue 54 054  Winter 1996

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54 Lewitt 01 Body

Sol LeWitt, Wavy Horizontal Brush Strokes, 1995, gouache on paper, 22½ x 29½”. Courtesy the artist.

54 Lewitt 02 Body

Sol LeWitt, On a black wall, a white wood square within a white chalk square, and a not-straight white rope square within a not-straight white chalk square, white wood, white crayon, white rope, black wall; first drawn by Tom Flynn, Kazuto Miyamoto. First installation, John Weber Gallery, New York, NY, June, 1979.

Untitled Drawing (for BOMB magazine) by Eva Lundsager
47 Lundsager Body
Untitled by Scott Grodesky
Scott Grodesky, Untitled.

Untitled piece by Scott Grodesky.

Two Paintings by George Negroponte
39 Negroponte 01 Body

Two untitled paintings by George Negroponte.

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BOMB 54, Winter 1996

Featuring interviews with Patti Smith, Peter Carey, Mike Figgis, Lawrence Weiner, Sharon Olds, Kiki Smith, Ridge Theater, Oliver Herring, Adrienne Kennedy, and Shu Lea Cheang.

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Issue 54 054  Winter 1996