Two Works by Fred Tomaselli

BOMB 43 Spring 1993
043 Spring 1993

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43 Tomaselli 02 V2 Body

Fred Tomaselli, Portrait of Bill, 1992, drawing, 17½ × 14½ inches.

43 Tomaselli 01 Body

Fred Tomaselli, Analgesic, Sugar and Saccharin #3, 1991, photogram, 14 × 10½ inches.

Fred Tomaselli by David Shields
Portfolio by Gabriele Beveridge
Gabriele Beveridge Bomb 1

Gabriele Beveridge has quite the eye for sad-looking models in posters—the kind of women who hawk things like hair dye and shampoo.

And Then by Donald Breckenridge

Brian got up early that Saturday to do his laundry then tracked down a friend who owed him ten dollars and scored some crystal meth in the process. 

Three Photographs by Jane Hammond
Jane Hammond 1

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BOMB 43, Spring 1993

Featuring interviews with Tony Kushner, Ousmane Sembene, Jeanette Winterson, Andres Serrano, Faye Myenne Ng, Vernon Reid, Gillian Armstrong, Andrew MacNair, Laurie Carlos, Srinivas Krishna, Mira Schor, and Barbara Hammer.

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043 Spring 1993