Two Videotapes by Mark Magill

Part of the Editor's Choice series.

BOMB 4 Fall 1982
004 Summer Fall 1982
Mark Magill

Mark Magill.

A scientific comedy about helium, buoyancy, nuclear fusion, and lighter than air travel.

Using the airship as his inspiration, Mr. Helium takes a tour through the forest of facts that fills his interior landscape. His wanderings take him from the dawn of flight to a hoedown for hydrogen atoms, pausing along the way to take a dip in Archimedes’s bathtub and to smoke a floating cigar. He ends with the sad realization that his fantasy of zepplins floating slowly across the sky will remain forever a part of the unreachable past.


The Theory of Ideas

A video essay on the nature of ideas.
“Human history is in essence a history of ideas.”

The Outline of History—H.G. Wells


“Now there was a mug who wouldn’t recognize an idea
if it ran up and bit him.”

The Big Guy—M. Panzini


Ideas, once the unattainable denizens of Plato’s Realm of Forms, have over the years come to encompass everything from the theory of relativity to the long awaited better mouse trap. Magill with his usual hard-hitting and marginally factual style, takes on the giants of philosophy in a no-holds barred scramble for the meaning of Ideas.

Ricky D’Ambrose by Steve Macfarlane
D Ambrose Bomb 2
Miguel Gomes by Tânia Cypriano
Miguel Gomes Bomb 08

“What I believe is that you just keep filming.”

Albert Serra by Steve Macfarlane
Albert Serra 01

Casanova, Dracula, and art in the age of digital filmmaking.

Michael M. Bilandic by Gary M. Kramer

The art world, horror rap, and Delaware.

Originally published in

BOMB 4, Fall 1982

Georgia Marsh, Paul Bowles, Michael McClard, Olivier Mosset & Fred Brathwaite, and Duncan Hannah. Cover by Mary Heilmann.

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004 Summer Fall 1982