Two Sculptures by Mel Kendrick

BOMB 13 Fall 1985
013 Fall 1985

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Mel Kendrick 001

Mel Kendrick, 1984, Bronze/Poplar Burnout and Black and White Bronze with Holes. Courtesy John Weber Gallery.

Mel Kendrick by Carroll Dunham
Kendrick 01
Rooster by Brett DePalma
Brett Depalma Bomb 025

Mixed-media sculpture, Rooster by Brett DePalma.

Two Works by Jene Highstein
25 Highstein 01 Body

Two works by Jene Highstein—one bone black pigment drawing on rag paper and one sculpture of carved elm.

Mel Kendrick by Carroll Dunham
Kendrick 01

Mel Kendrick’s studio has always been filled with tools. The place feels like an extension of his brain and body, a labyrinth of identity projection and maintenance where thought occurs through the manipulation of inert material rather than the coursing circuits of neurotransmission.

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BOMB 13, Fall 1985

David Salle, John Huston, Richard Chaves & Vincent Caristi, art by Carroll Dunham, Moira Dryer, and more.

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013 Fall 1985