Two Sculptures by Christy Rupp

BOMB 15 Spring 1986
015 Spring 1986

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Bomb 15 Rupp 001 Body

Christy Rupp, Fish Jumping out of Its Skin, steel, fiberglass, hydrocal, and paint, 23½ x 23 x 7”. Courtesy PPOW gallery.

Bomb 15 Rupp 002 Body

Christy Rupp, PCB’s In the Hudson, 28 gauge steel, aluminum, and oil. Courtesy PPOW gallery.

Bird in Hand by Mark DeMuro
Mark DeMuro
The Wick by Lamar Peterson
Lamar Peterson The Wick
The Kitten Papers by Kunié Sugiura
Sugiura Kunie 01 Bomb 042

Two photograms featuring imprints left by kittens on photographic paper.

Domestic Abstractions by Tony Tasset
Tony Tasset 02

Two framed animal hides, both titled Domestic Abstraction by Tony Tasset.

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BOMB 15, Spring 1986

Graham Swift, Horton Foote, Ping Chong & Pablo Vela, and David Deutsch.

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015 Spring 1986