Two Sculptures by Beverly Semmes

BOMB 50 Winter 1995
050 Wintter 1995
50 Semmes 01 Body

Beverly Semmes, Black Doorway, 1993, crushed rayon velvet, 82 × 62”. Courtesy Michael Klein. Collection of Lenny and Barbara Kaban.

50 Semmes 02 Body

Beverly Semmes, Little Grey Dress, 1993, imitation lambswool, 62 × 18”. Courtesy Michael Klein. Collection of Barbara Goldfarb.

Janine Antoni by Stuart Horodner
Antoni 03
Embodying Interior Lives: Dawn Cerny Interviewed by Emily Zimmerman
A thin vertical sculpture consisting of silver and yellow bars titled, Screen from Leisure Activity Area at Eden Lake, by Dawn Cerny

Sculptures as actors, props, and sets.

Material Intelligence: Teresita Fernández Interviewed by Osman Can Yerebakan
A large, brown, abstract wall work made with glazed ceramic tiles titled, Caribbean Cosmos, by Teresita Fernández

Artworks that challenge colonial narratives.

Reconciliation and Remediation: Shervone Neckles Interviewed by Danni Shen
A sculpture of the outline of a large illuminated lightbulb framed by wood titled, BEACON, by Shervone Neckles

Community-based installations that aim to build on different futures.

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BOMB 50, Winter 1995

Featuring interviews with Eric Fischl, Billy Sullivan, Luscious Jackson, George C. Wolfe, Tina Barney, Sigrid Nunez, Victoria Williams, Abbas Kiarostami, Ariel Dorfman, and James Carter.

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050 Wintter 1995