Two Poems by Dael Orlandersmith

BOMB 42 Winter 1993
042 Winter 1993

The Bones of Young Girls

Straining to regain
the Limbs
of my young Girl,
my memory is firm
in the way time passes & how
my bones never bended in
come hither poses or how I
never threw back my head prettily
or even freely
or moistened or lipsticked my mouth
or ever spoke in hushed/blushed tones
& giggled w/ other girls
or had a young lover hungry
for my kisses.

The bones of young Girls remind me of that.
I watch them purr
like full kittens & stretch their
arms & legs & smile at boys boldly.
And as I continue to watch
longingly, I realize how far apart I am from
      them across the subway tracks.


Poem II for Anne Sexton

The curve of my Pluto sister’s back
is crooked
as are her smiles
which are interwoven w/ cigarette smoke &
glitter dust powder
Her perfume is the bathwater
of faded party girls
w/ broken heels & hearts to match
& their once seductive dances are now
Comic poses
& toothless smiles lay underneath
cheap, loose lipsticked mouths
& their once glittering gowns are
shabby dresses

The curve of my Pluto
sister’s back is due to
benzedrine and young boys
that holler obscenities & the
alcohol content in a glass
of gin & the
voices in her head that
Scream “kill yourself!”
& my sister,
She heeds this call &
w/ broken cocktail glass in hand
rather like a shattered, painted
baby doll

Dael Orlandersmith is a poet, actor, and playwright. She has written two plays, Liar, Liar and Monster.

The Day Will Come by Maggie Estep
Two Poems by Tracie Morris

Imploring breaths heave: ‘please, just a taste of it.’
It’s Fall. Should not be hot.
After all, school began.

Two Poems by Reg E. Gaines

my air jordans cost a hundred with tax
my suede starters jacket says ‘raiders’ on the back
i’m stylin … smilin … lookin real mean cuz
it ain’t about bein heard just bein seen

Two Poems by Dana Bryant

“Can’t Be Music (Ode To Chaka Khan)” and “At A Quarter To Five” by Dana Bryant.

Originally published in

BOMB 42, Winter 1993

Featuring interviews with Richard Serra, Steve Buscemi, Neil Jordan, Tom Zé by David Byrne & Arto Lindsay, Sue Williams, Sarah Schulman, Ralph Lee, Coco Fusco & Guillermo Gómez, Don Scardino, Jeff Perrone, and Walter Hill.

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042 Winter 1993