Two Poems by Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie

BOMB 59 Spring 1997
Issue 59 059  Spring 1997

Raindrop Women

I roam sable streets
searching for white candles and coconuts
to wash the chaos from my skin
even still I have to write it out
make dyslexic thoughts rearrange themselves
put order to the recklessness
that is one spirit
on three planes
woman with many names
who sees rush hour
and thinks middle passage
spirit crashes
in to unborn daughters who will never know
my / this / our pain
if the job is done full time
the scripting of manifestos and declarations.

We are …
women refusing to tiptoe
march stomp scream
kick   sing   write
whatever to sever the ties
between oppression and ourselves … .



He was the only son
of ambrosia, with one
kiss it was confirmed

His grandmother toiled
in cane fields, sugar was
the scent of her sorrow

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Two Poems by Connie Deanovich
Karyn Olivier by Michelle Lopez
Fairground tent with a single chair behind a wall covered in various cloths and clothing items. A passerby examines the tent.

At the heart of Olivier’s sculptural inquiry is the fate of our existing and future monuments. How can they teach, and change us?

Danielle Evans by Jamel Brinkley
Portrait of author Danielle Evans. The photograph is tinted pink.

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Kara Walker & Larry Walker
Walker 01

“I would like to do more of that kind of thing: travel, spend some time in a place and really work from a different vantage point. I don’t know what will happen in my work from that, but I trust my ability to find the tools to find my way into my work. I think I will sit out in the woods more.”

Originally published in

BOMB 59, Spring 1997

Featuring interviews with Tim Roth, Amy Hempel, Emmylou Harris, Matthew Ritchie, Wallace Shawn, Christian Wolff, Gilles Peress, Kendall Thomas, and George Walker.

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Issue 59 059  Spring 1997