Two Photographs by ​David Seidner

BOMB 20 Summer 1987
020 Summer 1987

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20 Seidner 01 Body

David Seidner, Adelle Lutz, 1986.

20 Seidner 02 Body

David Seidner, Caroline Ellen, 1986.

Four Works by Valérie Belin
Mondino by David Seidner
David Seidner 5 Bomb 025

Profile and portfolio on Mondino by David Seidner.

Two Photographs by Erwin Blumenfeld
Bomb 12 Blumenfeld1 Body

Two photographs, Untitled and Dayton Advertisement by Blumenfeld.

Portfolio by Ville Kumpulainen
1 Kumpulainen Thewindsblow

Ville Kumpulainen is a photographer living and working in Helsinki, Finland. In his new book, Out of Sight (Hatje Cantz, 2017), Kumpulainen manipulates archival images to solidify the tenuous connection between present and past, attempting to fill the gaps left between himself and his history.

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BOMB 20, Summer 1987

Christopher Durang, Duane Michals by David Seidner, Steve Erickson, and Mona Simpson.

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020 Summer 1987