Two Photographs by Manuel Alvarez Bravo

BOMB 9 Spring 1984
009 Spring Summer 1984

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Bomb 9 Bravo 001 Body

Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Placed Trap, Mexico, 1934. Courtesy of Witkin Gallery, New York.

Bomb 9 Bravo 002 Body

Manuel Alvarez Bravo, The Dreamer, Mexico, 1931. Courtesy of Witkin Gallery, New York.

San Pedro Lake, Atitlán Guatemala by Phyllis Galembo
Bomb 9 Galembo 001 Body
A Charged Stillness: Tema Stauffer Interviewed by Kathryn Savage
A color photograph of a red clay driveway between two strips of green grass titled, Red Clay Driveway, Perdue Hill, Alabama, by ​Tema Stauffer

Photographs that capture the restlessness of place.

Character Studies: Whitney Hubbs Interviewed by Kim Beil
Whitney Hubbs1

Investigating the photographic portrait.

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BOMB 9, Spring 1984

Nicolas Echevarria, Pam Yates, art by James Nares and Tom Otterness, writing by Daisy Zamora, Kathy Acker, Glenn O’Brien, and more.

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009 Spring Summer 1984