Two Photographs by Bruce of Los Angeles

BOMB 20 Summer 1987
020 Summer 1987

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20 Bruceofla 1 Body

Bruce of Los Angeles. © 1987 by Photoflex.

20 Bruceofla 2 Body

Bruce of Los Angeles. © 1955 by Photoflex.

Bruce Weber by Rosemary Carroll
Weber02 Body
Bad News by Lizzie Tribone
Don Mee Choi 01

Disobeying history in Don Mee Choi’s Hardly War.

Three Photographs by Daniel Morel
Morel 01 Body
Evening in Paris by John Lindell
John Lindell Bomb 043

Interpretive drawing, Evening in Paris by John Lindell.

Originally published in

BOMB 20, Summer 1987

Christopher Durang, Duane Michals by David Seidner, Steve Erickson, and Mona Simpson.

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020 Summer 1987