Two Photographs by Neal Slavin

BOMB 20 Summer 1987
020 Summer 1987

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20 Slavin Body

Neal Slavin, Silurian Border Morris Men, Horse & Jockey Club, Colwall, Herefordshire, reprinted from the book, Britons.

20 Slavin 02 Body

Neal Slavin, Great Danes Breeders Association, the home of the Treasurer, Ulcombe, Kent, © 1986, reprinted from the book, Britons.

On Animal Empathy: Viktor Kossakovsky’s Gunda Reviewed by Conor Williams
black and white film still showing a closeup of a mother pig nuzzling her small baby with her nose.

An elegant portrait of a mother pig.

The Wolf Series by June Kim
Acadia Spaw Body

A selection of photographs and videos from June Kim’s Wolf series, 2009-2012.

Yisrael K. Feldsott by Robert C. Morgan
Wheels Final Body

Yisrael K. Feldsott on the river in all of us, spiritual medicine and living with Hell’s Angels.

Originally published in

BOMB 20, Summer 1987

Christopher Durang, Duane Michals by David Seidner, Steve Erickson, and Mona Simpson.

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020 Summer 1987