Two Photographs by Linda Connor

BOMB 44 Summer 1993
044 Summer 1993

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Linda Connor, Apollo, Mt. Nemrut, Turkey, 1992.

Linda Connor, Apollo, Mt. Nemrut, Turkey, 1992.

Linda Connor, Tree, Japan, 1988. Courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery.

Linda Connor, Tree, Japan, 1988. Courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery.

Erica Lennard by April Gornik Erica Lennard
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Two Photographs by Lynn Davis
Lynn Davis, Disko Bay #15, 1986, gelatin silver print, 40 × 20 inches paper, 28 × 28 inches image. Courtesy of Hirschl & Adler Modern.

Disko Bay #15 and Saqqara II, Dynasty III by Lynn Davis.

Gregory Crane: The Four Seasons by April Gornik
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Impresse by Olivier Richon
 Olivier Richon, Imprese, From Near and From Afar, 1988, C-print, 35 × 32 inches. Courtesy of Jack Shainman Gallery.

C-Print, titled Imprese, from the series From Near and From Afar by Olivier Richon. This article is only available in print.

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BOMB 44, Summer 1993

Featuring interviews with Sally Gall & April Gornik, Roseanne Cash, Walter Mosley, Sally Potter, Luciano Perna, Melanie Rae Thon, Sadie Benning, David Baerwald, Pae White, Bruce Wagner, Darrel Larson, and Buzz Spector.

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044 Summer 1993