Two Photographs by Ariane Lopez Huici

BOMB 35 Spring 1991
035 Spring 1991

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35 Lopez Huici 1 Body

Ariane Lopez-Huici, In Abstracto #15, 1990, photograph, 10¾ x 13¾ inches.

35 Lopez Huici 2 Body

Ariane Lopez-Huici, In Abstracto, 1990, photograph, 10¾ x 13¾ inches.

Zooligisches Museum by Candida Hofer
34 Hofer Body
Two Works by Sol LeWitt
54 Lewitt 01 Body
Untitled Drawing (for BOMB magazine) by Eva Lundsager
47 Lundsager Body
Untitled by Scott Grodesky
Scott Grodesky Body

Untitled piece by Scott Grodesky.

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BOMB 35, Spring 1991

Featuring interviews with Kathy Bates, Philip Taaffe, Lynne Tillman, Kid Capri, Luisa Valenzuela, Meg Cranston, Melissa Kretschmer & Maya Lin, Zhang Yimou, Keith Reddin, Ira Silverberg & Amy Scholder, Jennie Livingston, and James Wines.

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035 Spring 1991