Two Photographs by Sally Gall

BOMB 34 Winter 1991
034 Winter 1991

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Sally Gall 1 Bomb 34

Sally Gall, Patrick, 1990.

Sally Gall 02 Bomb 034 Sm

Sally Gall, Patrick, 1990.

Sally Gall's Subterranea by Bernard Yenelouis
Sally Gall 01
The Artist on Holiday by Geralyn Donohue
36 Donohue 3 Body

Black-and-white photograph, The Artist on Holiday by Geralyn Donahue.

The Rose Tower by Giorgio de Chirico
​Giorgio de Chirico Rose tower BOMB 14

Painting by Giorgio de Chirico, 1913, 29½ × 39½ inches.

HAI DUC by Troy Tecau
Bomb 12 Tecau Body

Mixed media piece, HAI DUC by Troy Tecau. 

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BOMB 34, Winter 1991

Featuring interviews with Romulus Linney, 2 Black 2 Strong, Jessica Hagedorn, Phil Hartman, Tod Wizon, Lari Pittman, Terrance Simien, Gran Fury, Raul Ruiz, Yuri Lyubimov, and Whit Stillman.

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034 Winter 1991