Two Photographs by Susan Unterberg

New York Live Arts presents

Marjani Forte
Nov 15-19

Bomb 14 Unterberg1 Body

Susan Unterberg, Mother Series, 1983–84, c-print, 20 × 20 inches.

Bomb 14 Unterberg2 Body

Susan Unterberg, Self-portrait, 1983–84, c-print, 20 × 20 inches.

Long Rain by Roberto Juarez
Bomb 18 Juarez Body
Self Portraits by Kiki Smith
Bomb 44 Ford 002 Body

Three self-portraits by Kiki Smith.

Self-Portraits 1 and 1A by Claudia Hart
30 Hart Body

Two black-and-white self-portraits by Claudia Hart, labeled “The Spirit of Humanism” and “The Spirit of Marxism.” 

Four Drawings by Jonathan Borofsky

Self-Portrait at 2,668,379 and 2,670,098; Untitled at 2,775,883; Don’t you see it wasn’t meant to be…at 2,273,934; and Head at 2,289,440.