Two Pespectives by JoAnne Tod

BOMB 23 Spring 1988
023 Spring 1988
23 Todd Body

JoAnne Tod, Two Perspectives, 1986, oil on canvas, 67¼ x 23½ inches. Courtesy of Carmen Lamanna Gallery.

Eric Fischl by Betsy Sussler
Portfolio by Gabriele Beveridge
Gabriele Beveridge Bomb 1

Gabriele Beveridge has quite the eye for sad-looking models in posters—the kind of women who hawk things like hair dye and shampoo.

Three Photographs by Jane Hammond
Jane Hammond 1
Two Photographs by Kevin Cooley
442959233 07302015 Kevin Cooley 01 Bomb 088 Sm

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BOMB 23, Spring 1988

Paul Auster by Joseph Mallia, Black-Eyed Susan, Jeanne-Pierre Gorin, April Gornik, Freya Hansell & Susan Rothenberg.

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023 Spring 1988